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Stackable 3.5" Hard Drive Enclosure - USB 2.0 & Firewire

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Stackable 3.5" Hard Drive Enclosure - USB 2.0
Stackable 3.5" Hard Drive Enclosure - USB 2.0 & E-SATA
Stackable 3.5" Hard Drive Enclosure - USB 2.0 & Firewire



Stackable 3.5-inch External Hard Drive Enclosure
Just add a drive and go! Our new portable, stackable external hard drive enclosure features an IDE to USB 2.0 and FireWire (IEEE1394) interface and supports 3.5-inch ATA 133/100/66 HDDs. It’s dual FireWire ports give you the opportunity to daisy chain multiple hard drives. That’s right – you can use one, or use more – just stack them up! The stackable 3.5-inch external hard drive enclosure supports Windows XP, 2000, ME, Vista and Mac 9.0 and above. Built-in 30 mm cooling fan keeps the drive running at maximum performance while protecting it from excess heat. This easy to use external hard drive enclosure is easy to use – it’s hot swappable, Plug and Play. Lay it down, stand it or stack it! No matter how you use the Ultra portable, stackable enclosure, it will meet and exceed industry standards.

Only 1 Unit Included


  • Plug and Play USB 2.0 and Firewire Interface
  • Support 3.5" ATA 133/100/66 Hard Drives
  • Maximum Capacity Supported: 750 GB
  • 30mm Cooling Fan
  • Front LED Indicators
  • Dual External Firewire Ports
  • USB 2.0 Transfer Rate: 480Mbps
  • Firewire Transfer Rate: 400Mbps
  • DC Power: 12V

System Requirements

  • Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista
  • Mac OS 9 and above
  • CDROM Drive for Driver Installation
    (Windows 98 SE Only)