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500 VA 250 WATTS Backup UPS

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MSRP $69.99
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The Ultimate Power Protection!
If you're looking for the most complete, technologically advanced power protection unit, the Ultra 500VA is exactly what you need. The Ultra 500VA is an absolute must for anyone running small servers, workstations and powerful PCs. You simply cannot afford to cut corners when it comes to safeguarding your valuable equipment, and the Ultra 500VA delivers the most comprehensive protection for computer, peripherals and data files at a remarkably low price.

The Ultra 500VA offers an incredible array of features and benefits including line interactive design, USB communication port, alarms for battery backup, low battery and overload, energy saving function (UPS green mode), automatic charging when UPS is off and much more. This outstanding unit protects up to four devices simultaneously and is fully digitized microprocessor controlled. For the ultimate protection at a minimal cost - choose the Ultra 500VA power protection unit.

UPS MON - Included Software


General Backup Time 7-9 minutes (a PC with 15” CRT monitor)
14-16 minutes (a PC with 15” LCD monitor)
Net Weight Kg (lbs) 2.58(5.67)
Digital Display No
Output Watts 250
UPS Capacity 500VA
Total Capacity
No. of Sockets Style A UPSx3, Bypassx3
Voltage (Battery) Simulated sine wave at 120V +/- 5%
Frequency (Battery) 50 or 60Hz +/- 0.3Hz
Transfer Time 2-4 milliseconds, including detection time
Input Voltage 110V-120V
Frequency 50 or 60Hz +/- 10% (auto sensing)
Protection Unit Input Circuit breaker for overload & short circuit protection
Overload Protection AC Mode: If load exceeds 110% of nominal,
Buzzer beeps continuously. If load exceeds
120% of nominal for 30 seconds, 130% for 3
seconds, UPS shuts down automatically.
Back up Mode: If load exceeds 105% of
nominal for 20 seconds, 120% for 10 seconds,
130% for 3 seconds, UPS shuts down
Short Circuit UPS output shuts off immediately
Surge Protection 1140 Joules, 2ms
Battery Type Sealed, maintenance-free lead acid battery, with 3-6 years typical lifetime
Typical Recharge Time 6 hours (to 90% of full capacity)
Protection Automatic self-test, Over discharge
protection, short circuit protection by fuse
Interface USB Battery low detecting, UPS on/off scheduling AC input/output power status display.
Alarm Battery Backup Slow beeping sound every 4 seconds
Battery Low Rapid beeping sound every second
Abnormal Charge AC Mode: Rapid beeping sound every 0.5 second
Overload Continuous beeping sound
Environment Ambient Operation 3,500 meters max. elevation, 0-95% humidity non-condensing, 0-40?
Audible Noise <40dBA (1 meter from surface)